Gallery: Photography in Black & White

a ocean_tickle-c35.jpegp In_Concert 3.jpgb Dark_Sand-c31.jpegj Openings-c3.jpegSurfer_walking.jpegsmallbeach moodl.jpege Ocean_Ice_Cream -c85.jpego Layers-c10.jpegf Glass-c37.jpegp Water_Stars-c86.jpegColorado_waterr.jpgblankspace-c11.jpgblankspace-c18.jpgblankspace-c21.jpgblankspace-c36.jpgblankspace-c43.jpgblankspace-c45.jpgblankspace-c55.jpgblankspace-c95.jpgblankspace-c19.jpgl Rocks_Kingdom-c87.jpegIMG_5028_Sand_3.jpg h Sand_Dragon-c44.jpegi Sand_Still-c82.jpegIMG_5026_Sand_6 copy.jpgblankspace.jpgblankspace-c53.jpgblankspace-c72.jpgblankspace-c18-c58.jpgblankspace-c48.jpgd Sand_Dress -c10.jpegIsmall cloudsMG_3806.jpegm Morning_Call -c7.jpegk Fog_Shadow-c92.jpegsmallIMG_4824_Deepr.jpg

This gallery of mostly water photography (or water-influenced photography) makes an impact because of its elemental qualities.  Water revealed in black and white abstraction accentuates what we tend not to see—water’s surprising variability, elegance and force.

When we register the dynamism of water, we share the wonder of the interactions of water (and of nature, in the case of the sand photos) taking place at a now perceptible edge. What is no longer hidden compels the viewer to be awash in discovery again and again. The experience is fresh and distinctive.