Artist Statement

Photographic Images of Water and the Everyday

Rocks at Sunset: water series

As an artist living around bodies of water and close to nature, I discovered something simple and gift-giving. It is that our interaction with the world around us expands our sensitivities—toward nature, spiritual elements, and ourselves.

I have always been drawn to bodies of water and recently dedicated my energies to uncovering its essence. Through my imagery and the conscious use of light, I make visible what occurs with great subtlety in the environment, seeking out an essential force — a wash of water over pebbles, a wisp of sand stretching out to the sea, still moments occurring in the everyday. I strive to expose the nourishing opportunity close by, and by doing so, give a reminder to pause, reflect more deeply, and re-engage.

This exploration of environment first occurred to me through my restaurant PR consulting practice. Here, I observed how ambiance could be cultivated for local establishments, paying close attention to the unique characteristics within each location that would bring the essential experience of dining forward. Spending time promoting these spaces led to an understanding of the impact to be had, and an inner joy in being able to help restaurants in the Bay Area connect successfully through place. If you are interested in knowing more about my background, follow this link

As the world pulls together on critical issues I find my true passion of photojournalism beckoning me.   I’m working on new pictorial essays spotlighting areas of need.  Recently I was published in Ms Magazine for an online blog with photos.

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