At the age of 30, I began to question my purpose. One spiritual workshop led me to another, and guidance from healers, and my own personal attention to meditative journeys, deepened my calling with the realization that my vision was simply to serve. My volunteer work with the Friendship Line (a warm line for seniors and those mentally or physically handicapped to call for support), opened my eyes into a new world — one demanding more awareness on mental health.

I have been personally affected by dear friends who have taken their lives, those who were struggling with depression, and those who needed support for their anxiety and gloomy days. 

My Mindful Photography teaching began while working with San Francisco General Hospital’s Mental Health Rehabilitation Center. It combined my love of photography with my work with clients (patients) in need of a new form of treatment — one that worked with their imaginations and creative expressions through the lens of a camera. I was able to be in service with my art and my own mindful skills of meditation and teaching.

I’m extending these “Offerings” in service to you in hopes of providing some relief and new insights into healing.

One-on-one Mentoring on Mindfulness


What is Mindfulness?  You’ve probably heard it again and again – be present in this moment.  Sit still for five seconds.  See what emerges.  In this one session, we will work together and break down some of the barriers that are playing havoc in your mind.  I’ll give you tools to work with and recommend resources to calm your spirit on a regular basis.

One Hour Session – $125

To book a session, contact me.

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Introduction to Mindful Photography


We go deeper in three sessions and I will introduce Photography as a meditative tool. We will discuss removing blocks to meditation and how working with the camera of your choice, can facilitate that. We will also discuss how you can use photography as a meditation practice to open your mind and ease anxiety.

Assignments will be given. We’ll go on a field trip of clouding where we gaze up into the landscape of a tree and see what emerges as we look up at the clouds. We will complete our session with a portrait of you, the participant, mirroring back to you where you are at this stage of your mindfulness. On-going tools will be provided for you to continue on your journey after we complete our sessions. (Virtual assignments available).

Set of Three Sessions – $425

To schedule, contact me.

Photography as a Meditative Practice 


Group can range from 3-20 people.

We will gather online and open with a short mindful meditation. The basic principle of integrating mindfulness will be demonstrated throughout the meeting through simple exercises. Participants will come ​with camera phone and ​we’ll individually stand/sit as a group in a collective, focused on being present to the visuals in front of us.

Group exercises will include mindful moments of noticing what you see. You’ll take images and share them on screen. In so doing, you’ll notice how each of us sees with a unique lens. 

Resources to be provided to set up your own practice of mindful photography.

Base price $375

Includes two people; additional per person charge based on size of group.

For corporate or non-profit rate, contact me.

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I have long struggled with staying in the moment and worrying about the future or regretting the past. My counselor suggested mindfulness as a possible solution, but I couldn’t really grasp it until I discussed my issue with Suzie Biehler one day over coffee. Suzie took what was an abstract concept and gave me clarity and understanding. Her common sense approach of visualizing, meditation, kindness and discipline made sense and gave me help and relief from anxiety.”

—   Chris Barnett, Writer

I would be delighted to help you discover a new mindfulness in your art.

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