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Thank you for your interest in fine art photo prints for sale at Suzie B Photography. Our virtual doors are opening with images from all three of our series—black and white, photography of water and photography of the everyday.

Already know the photo prints you would like to order? Click here to begin shopping.  If you are unfamiliar with an online shopping process, here are the steps:

1.  Choose “View More” next to your photo of choice.
2. Choose size and type and # you prefer.  Click “Update” to place the item in your cart.
3. Select the “Shopping Cart” icon at the top of the page to review your order.
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Run into a glitch?  Email us, and we’ll make sure your order is received.

We have chosen our offerings to be responsive to a broad range of interests. Given this diversity, we are delighted to offer you a crafted selection of photographs on varied applications. You can review these options below.

A selection of photographs from our Black & White Gallery and Water Gallery are limited edition photo prints. You will not find these in the shopping cart; however, all are available for purchase.

Please fill out our Limited Edition Photo Request Form or contact the artist directly  at  We will  follow up promptly with you.

Photo Prints—Sizes

Our basic sizing [designated with height by width] for photo paper prints are:

10 x 8   19 x 13    30 x 20

For prints on other substrates, we offer sizes that complement each image individually. To view what’s available, click “Add to Cart”, and the options available for each image will appear.

In a few cases, the orientation will be vertical rather than horizontal [20 x 30 instead of 30 x 20 for example], the height greater than the width.  Take note of  your own space requirements in this case, and then make sure your image matches your preferred orientation. In the larger sizes, this will be especially important.

Photo Display Choices For Your Selected Prints

Suzie B Photography offers 3 photo display options:  on archival photo lustre paper, on wrapped canvas, and on aluminum with a hanger.  There are particular advantages to each.

Our Paper Option

We’ve selected a beautiful archival paper option called Photo Lustre. As the name suggests, it is especially advantageous for bringing out the best in photographic work, and will maintain its quality over the years.

Advantages of paper:

• A high resolution image printed on paper delivers a clean, sharp and professional look.  Colors are accurately produced with good image detail.

• Your selected prints can be rolled up and placed in mailing tubes, guaranteeing fast delivery and cost savings.

• Printing to paper with us gives you the option to showcase the print as is or to frame it at a place local to you.

Since we are an online service, we do not offer traditional framing as a default choice.  If you are interested in this as an option, we are available for additional consultation and will personally select a desired frame to fit your need. Please contact us directly at

Our Canvas Option

We can print your selected images onto canvas directly, and have them wrapped (that is, the images enlarged one inch all around so as to wrap/continue placing the image around the sides of the frame) and stretched (images placed over a bar with an additional, wire-covered tissue backing).  This framing technique for canvas obviates the need for traditional framing.

Although slightly more expensive than the other options, less detailed than prints as well as unchangeable once printed, you’ll find that there are actually several good reasons to choose canvas.

Advantages of Canvas:

• Canvas is less expensive and time-consuming than traditional printing—no glass or frames required.

• There is a lot of the image displayed in this format; no mats or borders will obstruct your photo.

• Canvas weighs less than framed prints so if you’re considering framed prints but really prefer a light weight alternative, canvas is going to work well for you.  Plus, it maintains well in semi-humid environments such as bathrooms, outdoor patios and gardens.

• Canvas offers a more painterly effect.

Our Aluminum Option

Aluminum is an option where the print is actually dye infused onto a transfer sheet and then onto the metal through high pressure and heat.  The print does not lay on the surface of the aluminum but actually seeps into it.  In addition, there is a hanger on the back, essentially an attachment that enables hanging.  See illustration below:

We have chosen an aluminum default which is called “White Aluminum.”  By this, it is meant that anywhere there is white in the chosen photo, that is where the aluminum will shine through.  The process should enhance the photo by creating these rich metal tones.

 In addiHangertion, there is a hanger on the back, making it easy to hang your  photo anywhere.  See illustration immediately to your left.

Advantages of aluminum:

• The colors are extraordinarily vibrant and the depth of the coating gives photos a luminous quality that no paper print can achieve.  You’ll notice this especially when you shine a light on the image.

• Because the image is infused into and not onto the special coating, the prints have an archival value and durability without the need for a protective glass. The prints are not only scratch-resistant, but they are also waterproof. This makes them ideal for hanging in bathrooms, kitchens and other areas where paper prints would be susceptible to water damage. Without a buffer like glass and the attendant glare, viewing images also becomes more intimate.

• An aluminum print has an ultra-modern look, reducing expenses significantly.

• Going with aluminum reduces the need for a frame, matte, or glass cover; and thereby reduces expenses significantly.

If you have any questions about these processes or simply want to inquire about what would look good in your setting, please contact us directly. We are available by email or phone to assist you in selecting the very best for your space.

Photo Printing, Mounting, Packaging & Shipping

We include in our base price photo printing and mounting.  At checkout, we add packaging and shipping.

Shipping Your Photo Prints

Expect on average a two-week delivery from the time you place your order.

If you live outside of the United States, our online shop, unfortunately, cannot take your order at this time. However, we do accept direct orders by phone and email.

We ship straight single prints in a tube.  Aluminum and canvas are mailed flat.

Our options for shipping are:

•  Ground shipping:  7-10 business days.  Choose “standard.”

•  Expedited shipping: 2-day shipping. Choose “expedited.”

Overnight delivery is available;  please contact us directly to arrange.

An Additional Option

Gift Cards

If you are interested in purchasing a print as a gift to others, click here.  We will include a To: and From: card with a message accompanying your gift.

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