Artist Statement

Photographic Images of Water and the Everyday

Rocks at Sunset: water series

As an artist living around bodies of water and close to nature, I discovered something simple and gift-giving. It is that our interaction with the world around us that expands our sensitivities—toward nature, spiritual elements, and ourselves.

Our current global pandemic has forced major shifts in all our lives.   I am pulled into a new realm of sensitivity with myself, my camera and how I choose to articulate my vision.

Always I have been a devotee of the light.  It forces me to develop a greater awareness of shadow.  As I dive into those dark places, I befriend the opposing forces within me and see past the shades of hurt, grief, and uncertainty.  My camera is my salvation.  It reminds me of the spirits of kindness, revelation, joy, and goodness.  They are woven like a tapestry with the hues of mystery, unknowingness, and doubt.  The resulting images articulate the balance of those polarities.

My trail has taken me further towards healing.  Last year I was selected to be a part of a hospital grant which enabled me to teach Mindful Photography to individuals in the Mental Health Rehabilitation Center.  My heart stretched further as I witnessed the students’ interest holding the complexities of their own illness, and still showing up to participate, to create and to share their own vulnerabilities.

I am so thankful for being gifted a camera at age 13 and guided to simply take photographs.   All my studies, my challenges, and my obstacles have become markers to my own development.

And grateful one teacher is constant – always the light.