Mindfulness in Puzzle Making

The images on these puzzles reflect my love of fashion and grace. I grew up in Texas with a fashion plate for a Mom. My six sisters and I all treasured her dresses and purses as much as she did. The first two handcrafted wooden puzzles were created by Joyful Nook Gallery, in Durango, Colorado. The content includes two of my favorite fashion images: Social Butterflies, capturing a window display at Saks Fifth Avenue in Union Square, San Francisco; and Cafe Chic, featuring a beloved cafe in Carmel, Calif.  

Amaryllis Beauty puzzle…

The third puzzle image, Amaryllis Beauty, is a black and white image of the amaryllis that sits proudly in my kitchen. It receives stunning light and continues to bloom throughout the year for the past four years. This 8″ x 10″ puzzle is made up of 60 acrylic pieces. It comes with a lovely metal box proudly showcasing the image.

Photographing the ever-shifting plays of light and color in my world has helped me to heal and stretch myself. This practice eventually led me to become a devotee and teacher of Mindful Photography. Subjects catch my eye through shadow, movement and boldness, leading to introspection and surprise — all adding up to a convergence of possibilities. These puzzle images express the surprises and playfulness of everyday life. 

Set aside some time to assemble a handcrafted wooden puzzle exquisitely designed by the Joyful Nook Gallery. It will fill you with a sense of calm and peace. I recommend you work the puzzle as a meditation. Appreciate each piece as it all comes together. Take your time. Walk away, and return to fit more pieces. Just like our lives,  the journey is where the richness greets us.

Social Butterflies

A stunning puzzle project – light and easy like butterflies….15″ x 11″ ~ 128 wooden puzzle pieces ~ $85

Note the puzzle diagram below the wooden puzzles detailing the unique shapes of the hand-crafted pieces.

Cafe Chic

A bit more complex and well worth the puzzle task…. 11″x 13″ ~ 197 wooden puzzle pieces ~ $90

Amaryllis Beauty

Flower fun here with this 8″x10″ 60-piece acrylic puzzle.

Comes contained in a metal box showcasing this stunning image. ~ $65.00

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