Spring! In this Wildcard Year…a time of trust.

Spring!  In this Wildcard Year…a time of trust.

I walked past the the store window and caught a glimpse of the poster. It made me pause. What seemed like slow motion, I soon raised my hand and took a photo. How many times has the lesson been before me to simply trust? Where does that word come from? Seriously, it’s like the all-around best word to say when nothing else seems to surface. Especially during this wildcard year of…. whatever will be will be.

It could mean to just trust my instincts, the logical answer, trust the powers to be to take care of us, as a collective. And, perhaps it’s just a feeling everything will be okay. I hold myself with kindness and compassion during this strange stretch of time…

I remember once, while giving a talk to restaurateurs at a conference about what it meant to be in service – specifically for this audience – to their customers and staff. One manager asked me, “How do you teach kindness?”

Modeling Kindness

I responded…. “You have to model it. Kindness is being considerate. ” I went on to talk about kindness being an energy you develop, you embrace – it’s a word that one embodies as they extend their selves into service toward, and to others. One example – such as bringing a glass of juice to a child at a restaurant table in a small glass with a short straw for easy access by the child. Or, acknowledging your employee had a tough morning. Perhaps suggest they take a walk around the block before working their shift to readjust their outlook.

Smiling – being intentional in one’s actions.

I don’t believe kindness can be taught. It’s like trust – a feeling that you know it’s okay. Kindness instills trust perhaps. When I reach toward someone to see if I can help them, or do something for them, I am being in service to them. I go a step further and work at understanding others. Empathy.

Putting others first. Being interested rather than interesting.

When I get so embroiled in my own suffering it helps to take a walk and be in cahoots with nature. It lets me see first off I’m not alone and second, there is so much beauty around me. I engage with people on the street. I can pass the buck so to speak – all I need do is smile and be generous on the block – with my actions. I wave to babies, stare at a bloom on a tree, take in the reflection with camera in hand. It allows me to witness the mirror of my own self. Beauty inside and out. Blooming, a beginning, a newness about to flower. It is Spring, isn’t it!

So yeah Universe, I am trusting you to keep me moving along taking those twists and turns as need be and realizing I can always cross the street to alter my path.

The light, the wind, the elements around me are my partners in crime. Together we mosey down our trail.

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