A New Year to Mark

I tend to make intentions rather than resolutions these years.  I do keep the list and reference back and am happy to know I met my challenges and goals and oh sure there are those that fell to the wayside.  That's okay.  It's all okay. A highlight of last year…

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Shifting days temper my moods

I realize just as I started settling into the hot sun on my bare legs and I embraced a more accepting demeanor riding the bus with other sweat-bodied individuals - I was forced to shift yet again with the arrival of the fog-filled air. I was so getting comfortable with those…

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Blissful bumps along the way

My birthday weekend was colored with all sorts of twisty turns and yet there’s that certain bliss one carries throughout the day that can’t help but hold you in a state of grace. I realized a while ago I had two birthdays - my birth date and my soul date. On my…

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